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Much of the research of the Ingason lab focusses on the impact of rare structural variation in the human genome on neurodevelopmental disorders, but also on the broader impact of such variants on lifespan multimorbidity and how they interact with polygenic risk (both genome-wide and across disease-associated protein-protein interaction networks) and how the genetic landscape underlying brain disorders has been shaped over time through the interplay of natural selection and changing environment. This research involves a multitude of collaborations both within Denmark and the Nordics, as well as with researchers from the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Andrés Ingason
Research leader, PhD

I have been involved in psychiatric genetics research for more than 20 years.
I started my career at Decode Genetic and obtained a PhD in Health Sciences from Copenhagen University (KU) in 2010 for my thesis entitled “Genomic copy number variation in schizophrenia”. After a postdoc in Denmark and Germany, and a second stint at Decode, I returned to IBP in 2018, where I currently lead research into the risk of disease conferred by copy number variation as well as the evolutionary history of genetic factors influencing brain disorders and behavioural traits in collaboration with the GLOBE institute in Copenhagen, through which I also hold a position with KU’s faculty of health as an associate professor.

The research group

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Simone Montalbano
PhD fellow
Andres Ingason
Research leader
Seyedmorteza Vaez
PhD student
Mads Holm
Research assistant
Sinja Hanebaum
Research assistant
Anders Rosengren


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