Helenius Lab

Much of the research in the Helenius lab focusses on methodology and integrating genetics within
epidemiological research ultimately to make risk estimates of mental disorders more accurate and to better
understand the etiology, heterogeneity and long-term outcome and consequences of a certain genetic
profile and living with mental illness – both ultimately leading to better health care and treatment for

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About the research leader

Dorte Helenius Mikkelsen, PhD
Research leader

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I am an analytically strong statistician and epidemiologist with extensive experience in working with statistics, epidemiology, and the Danish Health Registers. I started my career in psychiatry while being a student worker at a Research Unit for child and adolescent psychiatry in Aalborg. One year after finishing my master’s, I came to IBP where I became a PhD student with a thesis entitled “Genetic epidemiology of complex traits”. I have since worked my way up from research assistant to Research leader at IBP focusing on studies integrating genetics within epidemiology and register based studies.

The research group

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Dorte Helenius Mikkelsen
Research leader
Soha Hamid Sabtiy
Research assistant
Lam Opal Huang
Senior postdoctoral researcher
Lea Arregui Nordahl Christoffersen
Postdoctoral researcher
Gleb Dudnik
Research assistant
Ali Xapana
Research assistant


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